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Burak Tok - Real Estate Consultant and Negatiator at the Ministry of Justice - REMAX® EKSEN COLLECTION

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Hello! I am Burak Tok, I am happy to assist you whenever you need it, provide reliable consultancy services for all your real estate requests, conduct current market assessment of your property, and manage your marketing and sales operations professionally.
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Burak tok gayrimenkul danışmanı ve remax collection satıcısı
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You can review the rental, sale and transfer for sale advertisements that I have presented for you on sahibinden.com, hepsiemlak.com or Re/Max® websites.
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House Size

Determine the ideal width and number of rooms based on the population and personal spaces of the house.
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Living Standards

According to your lifestyle, you can choose a detached house, apartment, and residence structures.
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Correct Location

Find the location that will make your life easier and provide transportation and social advantages
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Features and Comfort

Have home technologies that will offer comfort and convenience to your life in your home.
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